Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Really?? It's been since March since I've written??? Oops. Here are a few highlights that I missed...

Jake won the pinewood derby! It was our last pinewood derby so we were determined to end it right...

Grandma Willis turned 90! I need to say here how thankful I am for my grandma. She has been an amazing example and influence in my life. I couldn't ask for a better grandma!
Sarah graduated from high school...how did that happen???
Rebecca turned 16!
We drove to Rocky Point on her birthday. (Another Jacob came along too...)

Sisters trip.
And Cousins! (June/July)

Girls camp.(Where I lost my camera hence all the stolen pictures for my blog post)
Brent and his parents went up as the camp cooks and I went up as our ward camp director. I loved it, Brent and his parents might not have loved it as much as me...

My cute girls:
School started. This year we have one child in each kind of school: Sarah in college, Rebecca in high school, Nate in junior high and Jake in elementary. We had a fashion show at Grandma's a few days before school began:

Rebecca went to winter formal.
We babysat our niece, Khloe for a few days and loved every second of it.
Oh, and Halloween.

Rolls, rolls, and more rolls.
Oh, and Thanksgiving. Sarah and Rebecca thought it would be funny if our family showed up in ugly sweaters so they went to a thrift store and bought us all some. Sarah's looks just like one I wore in high school!

I've missed tons of other fun things but it is 1am and I'm just happy that I got semi caught up!



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