Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

It's been way too long and I realized when looking through the blog today that I need to keep it up as a family journal.  I'm sad that I've missed posting so many great things we've done this year.  

I'm going to just start from now and move forward instead of trying to catch up for the whole year.  It's too overwhelming to try to do that!

Yesterday was Halloween and it was pretty low key for us.  I didn't take any pictures but my awesome mother in law did so I'll steal from her...again.

Since Jake is now in junior high, I told my kids that they were all responsible for figuring out their own costumes this year.  None of them except for Sarah had any clue what they wanted to dress up as.  On the night before Halloween, we last minute decided to run to Albertsons to get pumpkins to carve so while we were there we found a few things that the kids decided to use for their costumes:

Jake found this wig and decided to be a biker guy but ended up looking like Guy Fieri so we went with that.
Nate wasn't with us when we went to Albertsons so Rebecca took him to Goodwill on Halloween day and found this gem of a costume. 

Sarah and Rebecca found the masks at Albertsons and decided on the Phantom and Christine.

Sarah ran home and came back to show us this costume that she wore to the YSA party she was heading off to.  Her cousin, Grant showed up about the same time in almost the same outfit.  


Mary said...

Your family is awesome. And now I miss you even more. That is all.


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