Friday, November 2, 2012

Courage to Try: Lesson 42, Manual 1

While planning my young women lesson that I will be teaching this Sunday I found this fun idea at sugardoodle:

 I am going to base my lesson around the Disney movie Peter Pan.  I will recount how Peter taught Wendy and the children to fly... They needed courage and it was hard to do - He tells them to think of a happy thought, any happy little thought... They try very hard but none are able to fly except Peter - He comes back and tells them "that wont do, whats the matter with you? All you need is faith and trust - oh, and something I forgot - Pixie Dust" He sprinkles them with Pixie dust and then they have the courage they need and "off they go to Neverland"... I am going to say "wouldnt that be nice if we could have pixie dust to help us when we need courage?  Then we will talk about the different types of "Pixie Dust" that Heavenly Father has provided for us - Prayer, scriptures, patriarchal blessings, guidance from parents and Holy Ghost... We do have special pixie dust when we need courage! I will close with reminding them the four things Peter Pan said they needed - 1) a happy thought - or in other words thinking positively that we can do the task at hand 2) Faith 3) Trust - in our HF and 4) pixie dust (all the things we have talked about).  For a hand out I am going to give them Huge Pixie Sticks with a quote attached... Hope this helps someone!  (Idea by Hollie Hassey / ga11192009)

I created this handout that I will be attaching to pixie sticks to go with the lesson:

 I am teaching the whole group this week, not just my Mia Maids so I have to go a little cheaper than huge pixie sticks although I love that idea!  


Shelly Beutler said...

THANKS for sharing this - I LOVE it!

Bethany said...

I love that idea!


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